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Terrorists are promised they are going to meet God. When caught they are hauled before our judges. They don't seem to realize their prayers have been answered. 

06/29/02  The Toronto Star in a June 28th lead paragraph reported "A disgruntled father" in a spousal support case is facing an assault charge after attempting to arrest his judge for "crimes against humanity."

The father Peter Cornakovic has custody. Crown attorney Andrew Goodman said that Cornakovic's position is that his support payments should be stopped because he has custody of his children and his ex-wife is living in a 3,000-square-foot home with her boyfriend. It looks like the ex-wife may be double-dipping.

The case has been dragging on since 1995. Hasn't Goodman thought to investigate Cornakovic's position? Wouldn't you think the judge might order the prosecutor to do so if only to keep the cases moving? Besides, where is child services? They must all be in Florida.

It was bound to happen. With the Internet professions no longer have a monopoly on information. Regular people can figure out when judges, prosecutors and lawyers are violating their oath. Intense competition for readership means even mainstream newspapers sometimes publicize the heroism of regular people in the face of Arbitrary Power.

Judges are feared. Anyone pointing a lethal weapon at you would be. But they know they're despised, too. New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye remarks on the growing lack of confidence in judges each year in her survey of our state courts.

From this vantage point, it looks suspiciously like the Canadian or Ontario government is in violation of its own fundamental law. Cornakovic responded as if those rights still exist. Have they been repealed? For his efforts, he got mainstream newspaper coverage. For an isolated individual that is miracle enough.

Note, even his cautious lawyer had high praise for his tactic:

After all Walter Fox has to appear before this inflated ego Mr. Justice Terrance O'Connor again representing other clients. He may be understandably afraid to put it more bluntly. But Mr. Fox did say that Cornakovic "rightly or, wrongly" believed the judge could be charged under a section of Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act that makes it an offence to persecute or commit an inhumane act or omission against any identifiable group.

If the reader thinks bishops protect each other, he has never seen judges form a corral. Several New York newspapers have attempted over the years to expose widespread judicial crime in New York City, naming the judges. The judges greet such charges with libel suits. The judges know any judge hearing the suit will be their alter ego. Even the New York Times has been forced to its knees. Regular people don't have Floyd Abrams, one of the most powerful constitutional lawyers in the United States, to represent them.

"O'Connor was not injured, but [prosecutor] Goodman said there's no greater affront to the justice system when there's an assault on a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice. "

Of course, there's a greater affront. His Lordship, Excellency, the Venerable and August Justice O'Connor, offended justice far more than Cornakovic. This prosecutor's priorities are out of wack.

In the U.S., Cornakovic's attempt to demand our unaccountable judges respect the law would be dealt with even more harshly by fathers' so-called friends Bush and John Ashcroft and Company.

I.F. Stone, an eccentric 50s journalist put it as bluntly as ever I heard it expressed. "Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed. And that particularly applies to those who calls themselves our friends."

This is a time of crisis in my country. Our "rulers" use it as an excuse to throw their weight around and get out of town. Our Republican "friends" would have changed the subject from our Bill of Rights to a troublemaker with a foreign-sounding name as a potential terrorist. They'd throw him in jail without a hearing under the so-called Patriot Act which would have made the Founding Fathers throw up. And the cadavers on the Supreme Court would sustained it

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